CBD Tinctures
CBD TincturesWith the fast rise of cannabidiol or CBD products over the past couple of years, new information is coming out about the best way to consume the product. While CBD edibles have been highly popular, mixing cannabidiol with a wide variety of food products, the CBD tincture method have proven to be more effective.
CBD edibles come in many different forms from cookies to traditional brownies to gummies and so forth. The ability to incorporate CBD into so many food and beverage products is quite impressive. But as two recent studies reveal, the CBD tincture offers considerably more advantages.
How CBD Tinctures Work
Most tinctures are performed with CBD oil and a dropper. You put the appropriate amount of oil in the dropper and then place it under your tongue. The skin under the tongue will quickly absorb the CBD and it will enter the blood stream.
This is a far faster method of absorption compared to eating CBD products, although some of the CBD oil that is placed under the tongue will be swallowed at some point. The end result is that a small amount of CBD placed under the tongue provides as much, if not greater impact that consuming a higher percentage of CBD through edible products such as gummies, brownies, and the like.
If you are considering tinctures, you need to be aware of the advantages that they offer over edible products.
CBD TincturesBetter Absorption
Arguably the biggest advantage is the absorption rates of the tincture method over consuming edibles. Because the digestive system destroys much of the CBD before it can be absorbed, this results in less of the product being introduced into the blood stream.
The CBD tincture on the other hand is placed under the tongue and absorbed directly resulting in roughly 20% more CBD reaching the blood stream. This means that you can quickly take the CBD and get on with your day.
Similar Effects
Unlike consuming CBD which can vary considerably from person to person, the effects of the tinctures is far more similar. The variability is considerably less with tinctures compared to capsules or other forms of CBD consumption. This means that you can better trust the results based on what people tell you from taking tinctures compared to eating CBD products.
Less Expensive
If you are looking to save money, the amount of CBD needed for a tincture can be delivered at a considerably lower cost compared to the purchase of CBD edibles. Because you are placing a drop of CBD oil under the tongue which has the same effect as eating a gummy, cookie, or other CBD food product, you can save a considerable amount.
If you have been consuming CBD edibles and are looking to save money while getting better results, then the CBD tincture method is for you. By bypassing the digestive system and being absorbed directly into the bloodstream, the CBD tincture is safe, fast, and effective. This means that you feel the results of CBD faster and pay a fraction of the cost per use.
Reasons Why CBD Tinctures Are Better Than CBD Edibles
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