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Although there is no direct evidence that cannabidiol or CBD can alleviate the common cold. There is growing evidence that CBD edibles along with nasal spray and other products containing cannabidiol can have a positive effect on the body even when suffering from the common cold.

How CBD Works
CBD may help those who suffer from an underactive immune system. This means that if you are more susceptible to the common cold, regularly taking CBD may help to bolster the immune system. This is also true when helping to fight off infections and disease. While those with a normal immune system probably do not need assistance from CBD, there are other ways in which cannabidiol may help.nasal spray

Reduces Inflammation:
One of the side effects of having a cold is the inflammation experienced in the sinus cavities. The presence of mucus and the pressure of inflamed tissues can be reduced when taking a CBD nasal spray. This applies the CBD directly to the swollen tissue in the sinuses and helps to shrink them down to normal.

Addresses Dry Throat:
The coughing you experience in trying to expel the germs in the lungs has the side effect of irritating the throat. The use of CBD can help prevent a dry throat from occurring, especially towards the end of the cold when the body is trying to kick out the excess mucus.

Pain Relief:
Although muscle aches and pains are more common with the flu, people with the common cold can suffer from them as well. CBD reduces your pain sensitivity which is an indirect way to take the edge off the soreness and stiffness. This means that you will feel better and more mobile when taking the CBD as part of treating your cold.

Best Methods to Take CBD
You may take CBD both to prevent the onset of a cold or treat it if you should become infected. Taking regular doses of CBD as a supplement will help boost your immune system. Doing that along with taking vitamins, minerals, and eating healthy will reduce your chances of contracting a cold. Remember to wash your hands frequently and not place your fingers near your eyes or nose which will help prevent contracting a cold.nasal spray

If you should catch a cold, CBD bath salts may be an effective treatment. Simply fill up the bath, put in the recommended amount of CBD bath salts, and you will feel better. The bath salts will help open the sinuses and let you breath better. In addition, getting plenty of rest, drinking water regularly, and taking the right medications will help lower the symptoms that you are experiencing.

It should be noted that CBD edibles, nasal spray products, oils, and other items containing cannabidiol will not cure the common cold. But it can help in lowering the anxiety, reducing the inflammation, and helping to take the edge off the pain. When used in conjunction with other cold remedies, CBD may help you to get through the symptoms of the common cold.

CBD for the common cold
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