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cannabis ediblesIn many states, cannabis and medical marijuana are already legal. There are several movements going on in America for the legalization of cannabis everywhere. According to many surveys, almost 61% of Americans are in support of cannabis legalization. The laws are changing slowly, and many states have allowed the use of medical marijuana under specific conditions. Although total freedom will take some time yet, you can consume cannabis easily as compared to a few years back.

Most of the stores are selling cannabis edibles, and you can buy products online too. Online cannabis stores like Discover CBD are selling cannabis infused products and CBD oils. The struggle for the legalization of cannabis started in 1960. Here, we are going to cherish the struggle of top cannabis heroes in America.

Margaret Mead
She was one of the best writers in the Ney York Times and an influential anthropologist. She was one of the few top American cannabis heroes who spoke about the prohibition of marijuana in the USA. In 1969, she spoke to the US Senate and argued about legalizing cannabis as prohibition did more harm than good. Her efforts did not make any specific impact, yet the public started thinking more seriously about cannabis after her struggle.

Dr. Lester Grinspoon
Dr. Lester was one of the people who were against the use of cannabis. He started his research about the dangers and cons of the cannabis plant for humans, but during his work, he realized the benefits of the plants. He spoke for the legal status of cannabis. In 1971, he wrote a book with scientific reasoning about the benefits and impact of cannabis on human health. He also mentioned the outline of legalizing cannabis in America.

cannabis ediblesJack Herer
Jack is the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” book that was published in 1985. Even at this time, modern cannabis activists appreciate his efforts and struggle for the legalization of cannabis. In 1967, he opened the first hemp shop for the public at Venice Beach. Now, you were not able to find online cannabis stores like Discover CBD to buy cannabis edibles. He has firm faith that hemp can save the human world. At the age of 30, he smoked his first-ever joint.

Tom Forcade
He was a famous underground journalist who is also responsible for establishing High Times. He wrote in support of cannabis and how these plants can protect human life against different diseases.

Keith Stroup
Keith is the founder of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. He established NORML in 1970, and his efforts are considered as the first organized and credible reforms for the legal status of cannabis. He also requested the authorities for relaxation in the penalties for minor offenses regarding the use of cannabis.

There are only a few names that contributed to the legalization of medical marijuana and other cannabis edibles. The progress is promising, but you will have to wait for several more years for the open use of cannabis and other CBD products.




Cannabis heroes worth celebrating
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