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cbd chocolateThe feeling that comes with being a parent can usually be exhilarating and confusing at the same time; at this time your body is subjected to various psychological and emotional changes as a result of release hormones trying to stabilize the body. Now, do not get me wrong, having a baby is the most beautiful gift in the world. CBD is one of the numerous families belonging to the cannabis plant, some others including hemp, marijuana, etc. The most valuable property of CBD among the cannabis group is that; it is free from the element (THC) present in the cannabis family. This THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive substance (affects brain/body-coordination) in cannabis and gives the user the feeling of drunkenness.

Cannabis edibles in a Breastfeeding Mother’s body
In the period after childbirth, as the mother’s body ‘fights’ to go back to its normal state (pre-conception), other postpartum developments begin to take effects on her body, constant ‘night-cries’ from her baby would alter her routine, etc. As the body starts to adjust to all these changes, it could become a very stressful period for the mother. This new development (postpartum phase) can lead to conditions like anxiety, depression, or insomnia, all of which CBD intake is mostly used as a form of respite. CBD has been used to cure medical illnesses and conditions like anxiety, body pains, headaches, insomnia.

Now, whichever way the mother ingests CBD, one thing is assured; the CBD compound will always find its way through the breast milk to the infant. Because breast milk is high in fatty substances, and CBD is a fat-soluble compound, CBD no matter how minimal will be easily absorbed in breast milk. CBD however, has been known and tested to have little or no side effects on humans long-term and short-term, but the big question is; what effects does it have on babies?

cannabis ediblesCBD and Risk to Babies
Cannabis under unsupervised administration remains a banned commodity both during pregnancy and postnatal, but that is for products like marijuana containing THC. So far, few amounts of research on the effect of CBD on babies have not proven that babies develop any dangerous effects on babies when ingested through breast milk.


From Doctors and Experts
According to the FDA, its fears with CBD intake among breastfeeding mothers lies in the likelihood that the CBD compound ingested by a lactating mother is contaminated with THC. This is why the FDA strongly advises against the careless intake of CBD edibles among breastfeeding mothers. In this instance, there could be severe damage to the

  • cbd chocolateThe mental health of the baby
  • Long-term growth impediment on the child
  • Disruptions in the baby’s body systems.

Concluding thoughts and Recommendations
While scarce researches have proven that there are risks associated with the use of CBD by lactating mothers, there is also no research that proves that they are not. That is why Doctors and professionals choose to err on the side of caution. If as a breastfeeding mother, you choose to take CBD edibles as a remedy for some postpartum conditions, it is recommended that you see your physician and you start with smaller dosages.

Cannabis Edibles While Breastfeeding: What are the Risks?
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