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cannabis vape pen Cannabis as a Corona Treatment
With the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, medical experts are trying to experiment with every possible solution that can help to treat Coronavirus. Especially in the USA, the situation is worse than in many other regions. The outbreak of the virus, almost every nation is waiting for the miracle that might cure or treat coronavirus. Apart from advanced medicines and drugs, cannabis products are also potential treatments on the list.

Is Cannabis beneficial for the COVID-19 cure?
While there are different theories under consideration, many researchers are very hopeful about cannabis as corona treatment. If CBD products are proven and approved for COVID-19, a simple cannabis vape pen will be saving lives. It has been proven that CBD products can assist in reducing pro-inflammatory cytokine production and ACE2 expression. You may already know that cannabis vape pens have potential as antiviral.

Lung Inflammation and COVID-19
In most of the serious corona cases, lung inflammation is the main disease that makes your immune system weak and more vulnerable to viral infection. In research at Augusta University in Georgia, CBD can directly impact acute respiratory distress syndrome and ARDS. But at this point, there are only theories that need more work and stats to prove the fact that CBD can directly treat the COVID-19 or not. Cannabis is more likely to be an effective treatment for the different other diseases associated with infection. Even CBD products can be supportive of reducing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokine. By controlling these additional factors, we can control the distress and damage caused by the virus.

cannabis vape penPrevious Theories about Cannabis as Treatment
The same assumptions were made about cannabis back in 2003 at the time of SARS-CoV spread. In 2007, exceptional characteristics of cannabis to treat SARS were acknowledged. Well, 2020 is pretty much different from 2003, as CBD products are easily available these days. If the effectiveness of cannabis for the treatment of corona is proven, there will be a huge increase in the demand for cannabis vape pens. Cannabis vape pens are already being used to cure chronic diseases at different levels.

Risk of using Cannabis during Outbreak
As the results seem to be in favor of cannabis as the corona treatment, but it does not mean you should increase the CBD intake. Smoking too much cannabis vape pen or any other product can put your overall health at risk. About the use of CBD oils during the pandemic, there is no solid evidence about the harm and effectiveness of the CBD oils for corona. The research about the use of cannabis for the treatment of corona is at an early stage. It will take enough time to get the desired results out of these experiments.

cannabis vape pensFinal Verdict
This situation of uncertainty might be frustrating for those who want a clear answer about the use of cannabis for corona treatment. In short, there are no proven results about the effectiveness or use of cannabis as corona treatment. But the results show that consuming BCD products might be helpful in some aspects.

Cannabis as a Corona Treatment
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