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 colorado ediblesColorado’s legal cannabis industry boasts an impressive number of high quality CBD edible brands. Gone are the days of medical-only pot brownies or the non-branded space cakes, devoid of any dosage information or nutrition. Colorado edibles have replaced them with a number of delicious options, such as craft beverages, micro-dosed cookies, and organic chocolates.While the amount of options continues to rise,

Following are some of the best CBD edibles available in Colorado:

Love’s Oven
Love’s Oven operates with a goal to offer quality CBD edibles to the public. Their products are available in wide variety of forms. You can find THC/CBD infused drinks, chocolates, caramels, and cookies. All of the ingredients used by Love’s Oven are either organic or locally sourced. The company is well-known and sells its products throughout Colorado.

Cheeba Chews
Cheeba Chews is another Colorado-based company that is well-known for making CBD edibles that are high-quality and consistent. All the products from this brand are lab-tested in order to make sure that they reach the high standards of the company. Cheeba Chews creates taffy edibles and gummies infused with CBD and/or THC.

cbd ediblesWana Brands
Wana Brands offers high-quality, delicious gummies infused with CBD and THC distillates. You can purchase gummies that contain THC, or a combination of CBD and THC. Some of the gummies are meant to promote relaxation. If you want to calm down before bed or you simply need to destress, then these gummies are a great choice for you. Some of the company’s CBD edibles are meant to give you an uplifting effect. They advertise their gummies as gluten free and vegan friendly.

Coda Chocolates
Coda Chocolates is a big name in the CBD edibles world. The brand makes quality, delicious products and it has won many awards over the years. Coda Chocolates sells chocolate bars, truffles, and chocolate on a spoon. All of their products contain the right amount of CBD. Their chocolate on a spoon product is exactly what it sounds like as you either eat it melted as a topping or as-is.

cbd edibles1906
The 1906 company sells CBD candy drops. These drops are available in six categories: genius, midnight, go, love, chill, and bliss. Each category serves a different need. Genius drops help you to focus when you need it. Midnight drops promote sleep. Go drops provide a burst of energy when you need it. Love drops are designed to increase sensuality. Chill drops will help you relax and destress after a stressful day. The last category, bliss drops, will help you feel happy.

Ripple offers a wide range of Colorado edibles such as dissolvable powders and gummies. All of the brand’s products are very discrete. For instance, the dissolvable powder looks just like an ordinary drink mix. Because of this, you can use their CBD edibles on the go without worrying about any outside judgement. Their edibles also act fast as the effects begin in just 15 minutes.As you can see, there are many brands in Colorado that sell top-quality CBD edibles. With such a vast number of options available, you will surely find the cannabis-infused edibles you love.

Best Edibles in Colorado
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