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Everything you need to know about CBD Balms

cbd balm

cbd balm Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a first-time jogger, you know how frustrating post-workout sore muscles can be. You may have tried icing, foam rollers, electrolyte infusions, and hot pads to help alleviate these muscle aches. But there is one effective solution that easily fits in your gym bag: CBD balm. Even though it is not as popular as most other forms of CBD, it offers something very unique: an organic relief for sore muscles.

What is CBD Balm?
CBD balm is also commonly referred to as CBD muscle balm or CBD muscle rub. It is a topical product that you can apply anywhere on your body as long as it does not touch the mucous membrane. This product comes in different fragrances. Manufacturers use carrier oil as a basis which means you can buy a CBD balm that has coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, etc., as one of the key ingredients.

How Does CBD Balm Work?
Like all topicals, CBD balm is used on skin. You can apply it to a certain area of your skin that requires attention. Being a topical, it will not enter your bloodstream, which means it won’t have the same impact as CBD edibles. When you apply the balm to the skin, CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors within your tissue. When stimulated, they regulate different processes in your body to restore natural balance.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Balm?
Whether you are trying to bench-press a lot of weight or run a six-minute mile, your muscles have a lot of work to do. CBD can help promote relaxation, offer pain relief, and support your path to fitness. Following are the key benefits of CBD balm:

cbd balm• Soothes Joint and Muscle Soreness: The morning after an intense workout can be agonizing. Full spectrum CBD balm can ease muscle and joint discomfort so you can get back to your fitness aspirations.

• Supports Workout Recovery: Your muscles have to work themselves to the limits in order to build strength. They also need to heal up afterwards. A dose of CBD in the form of CBD balm can help with that.

• Makes the Most of Your Rest Days: Rest days are just as important as working out. This is because they help your body heal itself, relax, and recover for the next round of intense workout. Through CBD balm, CBD can work with the endocannabinoid system to help you rest up so that you can prepare for another day of activity.

full spectrum cbdConclusion – Who Should Try CBD Balm?
Anyone who enjoys challenging their body via exercise or some other physical activity can reap the benefits of full spectrum CBD balm. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to experience improved muscle recovery, soothing relief, or just pampering after a workout. So, whether you are a weekend warrior, roller derby star, hockey player, or dancer, you can experience the positive effects of CBD balm for pain relief and muscle recovery. But if you are not sure whether it is right for you, then it is recommended that you consult with your medical advisor or coach to make sure you are using this form of CBD for maximum health benefits.

Cannabis heroes worth celebrating

discover cbd

cannabis ediblesIn many states, cannabis and medical marijuana are already legal. There are several movements going on in America for the legalization of cannabis everywhere. According to many surveys, almost 61% of Americans are in support of cannabis legalization. The laws are changing slowly, and many states have allowed the use of medical marijuana under specific conditions. Although total freedom will take some time yet, you can consume cannabis easily as compared to a few years back.

Most of the stores are selling cannabis edibles, and you can buy products online too. Online cannabis stores like Discover CBD are selling cannabis infused products and CBD oils. The struggle for the legalization of cannabis started in 1960. Here, we are going to cherish the struggle of top cannabis heroes in America.

Margaret Mead
She was one of the best writers in the Ney York Times and an influential anthropologist. She was one of the few top American cannabis heroes who spoke about the prohibition of marijuana in the USA. In 1969, she spoke to the US Senate and argued about legalizing cannabis as prohibition did more harm than good. Her efforts did not make any specific impact, yet the public started thinking more seriously about cannabis after her struggle.

Dr. Lester Grinspoon
Dr. Lester was one of the people who were against the use of cannabis. He started his research about the dangers and cons of the cannabis plant for humans, but during his work, he realized the benefits of the plants. He spoke for the legal status of cannabis. In 1971, he wrote a book with scientific reasoning about the benefits and impact of cannabis on human health. He also mentioned the outline of legalizing cannabis in America.

cannabis ediblesJack Herer
Jack is the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” book that was published in 1985. Even at this time, modern cannabis activists appreciate his efforts and struggle for the legalization of cannabis. In 1967, he opened the first hemp shop for the public at Venice Beach. Now, you were not able to find online cannabis stores like Discover CBD to buy cannabis edibles. He has firm faith that hemp can save the human world. At the age of 30, he smoked his first-ever joint.

Tom Forcade
He was a famous underground journalist who is also responsible for establishing High Times. He wrote in support of cannabis and how these plants can protect human life against different diseases.

Keith Stroup
Keith is the founder of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. He established NORML in 1970, and his efforts are considered as the first organized and credible reforms for the legal status of cannabis. He also requested the authorities for relaxation in the penalties for minor offenses regarding the use of cannabis.

There are only a few names that contributed to the legalization of medical marijuana and other cannabis edibles. The progress is promising, but you will have to wait for several more years for the open use of cannabis and other CBD products.




Cannabis as a Corona Treatment

cannabis vape pens

cannabis vape pen Cannabis as a Corona Treatment
With the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, medical experts are trying to experiment with every possible solution that can help to treat Coronavirus. Especially in the USA, the situation is worse than in many other regions. The outbreak of the virus, almost every nation is waiting for the miracle that might cure or treat coronavirus. Apart from advanced medicines and drugs, cannabis products are also potential treatments on the list.

Is Cannabis beneficial for the COVID-19 cure?
While there are different theories under consideration, many researchers are very hopeful about cannabis as corona treatment. If CBD products are proven and approved for COVID-19, a simple cannabis vape pen will be saving lives. It has been proven that CBD products can assist in reducing pro-inflammatory cytokine production and ACE2 expression. You may already know that cannabis vape pens have potential as antiviral.

Lung Inflammation and COVID-19
In most of the serious corona cases, lung inflammation is the main disease that makes your immune system weak and more vulnerable to viral infection. In research at Augusta University in Georgia, CBD can directly impact acute respiratory distress syndrome and ARDS. But at this point, there are only theories that need more work and stats to prove the fact that CBD can directly treat the COVID-19 or not. Cannabis is more likely to be an effective treatment for the different other diseases associated with infection. Even CBD products can be supportive of reducing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokine. By controlling these additional factors, we can control the distress and damage caused by the virus.

cannabis vape penPrevious Theories about Cannabis as Treatment
The same assumptions were made about cannabis back in 2003 at the time of SARS-CoV spread. In 2007, exceptional characteristics of cannabis to treat SARS were acknowledged. Well, 2020 is pretty much different from 2003, as CBD products are easily available these days. If the effectiveness of cannabis for the treatment of corona is proven, there will be a huge increase in the demand for cannabis vape pens. Cannabis vape pens are already being used to cure chronic diseases at different levels.

Risk of using Cannabis during Outbreak
As the results seem to be in favor of cannabis as the corona treatment, but it does not mean you should increase the CBD intake. Smoking too much cannabis vape pen or any other product can put your overall health at risk. About the use of CBD oils during the pandemic, there is no solid evidence about the harm and effectiveness of the CBD oils for corona. The research about the use of cannabis for the treatment of corona is at an early stage. It will take enough time to get the desired results out of these experiments.

cannabis vape pensFinal Verdict
This situation of uncertainty might be frustrating for those who want a clear answer about the use of cannabis for corona treatment. In short, there are no proven results about the effectiveness or use of cannabis as corona treatment. But the results show that consuming BCD products might be helpful in some aspects.

Cannabis Edibles While Breastfeeding: What are the Risks?

cannabis edibles

cbd chocolateThe feeling that comes with being a parent can usually be exhilarating and confusing at the same time; at this time your body is subjected to various psychological and emotional changes as a result of release hormones trying to stabilize the body. Now, do not get me wrong, having a baby is the most beautiful gift in the world. CBD is one of the numerous families belonging to the cannabis plant, some others including hemp, marijuana, etc. The most valuable property of CBD among the cannabis group is that; it is free from the element (THC) present in the cannabis family. This THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive substance (affects brain/body-coordination) in cannabis and gives the user the feeling of drunkenness.

Cannabis edibles in a Breastfeeding Mother’s body
In the period after childbirth, as the mother’s body ‘fights’ to go back to its normal state (pre-conception), other postpartum developments begin to take effects on her body, constant ‘night-cries’ from her baby would alter her routine, etc. As the body starts to adjust to all these changes, it could become a very stressful period for the mother. This new development (postpartum phase) can lead to conditions like anxiety, depression, or insomnia, all of which CBD intake is mostly used as a form of respite. CBD has been used to cure medical illnesses and conditions like anxiety, body pains, headaches, insomnia.

Now, whichever way the mother ingests CBD, one thing is assured; the CBD compound will always find its way through the breast milk to the infant. Because breast milk is high in fatty substances, and CBD is a fat-soluble compound, CBD no matter how minimal will be easily absorbed in breast milk. CBD however, has been known and tested to have little or no side effects on humans long-term and short-term, but the big question is; what effects does it have on babies?

cannabis ediblesCBD and Risk to Babies
Cannabis under unsupervised administration remains a banned commodity both during pregnancy and postnatal, but that is for products like marijuana containing THC. So far, few amounts of research on the effect of CBD on babies have not proven that babies develop any dangerous effects on babies when ingested through breast milk.


From Doctors and Experts
According to the FDA, its fears with CBD intake among breastfeeding mothers lies in the likelihood that the CBD compound ingested by a lactating mother is contaminated with THC. This is why the FDA strongly advises against the careless intake of CBD edibles among breastfeeding mothers. In this instance, there could be severe damage to the

  • cbd chocolateThe mental health of the baby
  • Long-term growth impediment on the child
  • Disruptions in the baby’s body systems.

Concluding thoughts and Recommendations
While scarce researches have proven that there are risks associated with the use of CBD by lactating mothers, there is also no research that proves that they are not. That is why Doctors and professionals choose to err on the side of caution. If as a breastfeeding mother, you choose to take CBD edibles as a remedy for some postpartum conditions, it is recommended that you see your physician and you start with smaller dosages.

Best Edibles in Colorado

cbd edibles

 colorado ediblesColorado’s legal cannabis industry boasts an impressive number of high quality CBD edible brands. Gone are the days of medical-only pot brownies or the non-branded space cakes, devoid of any dosage information or nutrition. Colorado edibles have replaced them with a number of delicious options, such as craft beverages, micro-dosed cookies, and organic chocolates.While the amount of options continues to rise,

Following are some of the best CBD edibles available in Colorado:

Love’s Oven
Love’s Oven operates with a goal to offer quality CBD edibles to the public. Their products are available in wide variety of forms. You can find THC/CBD infused drinks, chocolates, caramels, and cookies. All of the ingredients used by Love’s Oven are either organic or locally sourced. The company is well-known and sells its products throughout Colorado.

Cheeba Chews
Cheeba Chews is another Colorado-based company that is well-known for making CBD edibles that are high-quality and consistent. All the products from this brand are lab-tested in order to make sure that they reach the high standards of the company. Cheeba Chews creates taffy edibles and gummies infused with CBD and/or THC.

cbd ediblesWana Brands
Wana Brands offers high-quality, delicious gummies infused with CBD and THC distillates. You can purchase gummies that contain THC, or a combination of CBD and THC. Some of the gummies are meant to promote relaxation. If you want to calm down before bed or you simply need to destress, then these gummies are a great choice for you. Some of the company’s CBD edibles are meant to give you an uplifting effect. They advertise their gummies as gluten free and vegan friendly.

Coda Chocolates
Coda Chocolates is a big name in the CBD edibles world. The brand makes quality, delicious products and it has won many awards over the years. Coda Chocolates sells chocolate bars, truffles, and chocolate on a spoon. All of their products contain the right amount of CBD. Their chocolate on a spoon product is exactly what it sounds like as you either eat it melted as a topping or as-is.

cbd edibles1906
The 1906 company sells CBD candy drops. These drops are available in six categories: genius, midnight, go, love, chill, and bliss. Each category serves a different need. Genius drops help you to focus when you need it. Midnight drops promote sleep. Go drops provide a burst of energy when you need it. Love drops are designed to increase sensuality. Chill drops will help you relax and destress after a stressful day. The last category, bliss drops, will help you feel happy.

Ripple offers a wide range of Colorado edibles such as dissolvable powders and gummies. All of the brand’s products are very discrete. For instance, the dissolvable powder looks just like an ordinary drink mix. Because of this, you can use their CBD edibles on the go without worrying about any outside judgement. Their edibles also act fast as the effects begin in just 15 minutes.As you can see, there are many brands in Colorado that sell top-quality CBD edibles. With such a vast number of options available, you will surely find the cannabis-infused edibles you love.

How to Pick the Right CBD Consumption Method

CBD edibles
VaporizingWith more people turning to CBD, finding the right method of consumption has become a big issue. This is because there are different ways to consume the cannabidiol which means that people are searching for one that works for them. From CBD edibles such as gummies, brownies, or chocolate edibles to tinctures and other methods, finding the right one means doing a little research.
What follows are a few of the more common methods that people use to consume CBD in one form or another.
Vaping has been around for several years, but only recently has CBD been added to the mix. For the most part, CBD oil is heated to the point where it turns into a vapor, allowing a person to pull the CBD into the lungs for maximum absorption.
The advantages are considerable as you bypass the digestive system. Plus, vaporizing is proven technology that basically provides the benefits of smoking without any of the issues associated with that form of ingestion. However, there have been reports of people becoming sick when vaporizing CBD. The news of such incidents is relatively rare, but widespread enough that this current method is being investigated further.
CBD ediblesCBD Edibles & Beverages
Put simply, these are treats that have CBD infused into them. Much like an extra ingredient into gummies, brownies, or chocolate bars. They can even be included in common beverages, including energy drinks. Of the many edibles available, the chocolate edibles offer a tasty treat that carries the same flavor with or without the cannabidiol present. This means that you can choose a treat that is most familiar while still getting the benefits from the CBD inside.
The downside is that CBD absorption takes more time compared to most other methods. This is especially true when you have a full stomach.
This simple method consists of placing a drop of CBD oil under the tongue. The CBD will rapidly be absorbed into the skin. The advantages of tinctures are obvious. They offer a fast delivery system for CBD and they are relatively inexpensive. About the only downside is whether you like the taste of CBD oil, but that is usually a minor issue.
CBD TincturesSkin Patches
This type of patch has been used for decades to allow medicine and other compounds to flow through the skin. While perhaps most associated with helping people quite smoking, it is also a delivery system for CBD. And while the patch does allow the CBD to pass through the skin, it is not as effective compared to tinctures or vaporizers when it comes to how much CBD can get through.
However, for topical needs the skin patches work quite well. This means that if you need muscle relaxation or reduced inflammation on a specific area under the skin such as for soreness or pain from the joints, then this method may work best for you.
Searching for the right method to ingest cannabidiol can be a “win-win” for consumers. This means trying various CBD edibles, including tasty treats such as chocolate edibles to discovering methods such as tinctures that deliver the cannabidiol needed.

Reasons Why CBD Tinctures Are Better Than CBD Edibles

CBD Tinctures
CBD TincturesWith the fast rise of cannabidiol or CBD products over the past couple of years, new information is coming out about the best way to consume the product. While CBD edibles have been highly popular, mixing cannabidiol with a wide variety of food products, the CBD tincture method have proven to be more effective.
CBD edibles come in many different forms from cookies to traditional brownies to gummies and so forth. The ability to incorporate CBD into so many food and beverage products is quite impressive. But as two recent studies reveal, the CBD tincture offers considerably more advantages.
How CBD Tinctures Work
Most tinctures are performed with CBD oil and a dropper. You put the appropriate amount of oil in the dropper and then place it under your tongue. The skin under the tongue will quickly absorb the CBD and it will enter the blood stream.
This is a far faster method of absorption compared to eating CBD products, although some of the CBD oil that is placed under the tongue will be swallowed at some point. The end result is that a small amount of CBD placed under the tongue provides as much, if not greater impact that consuming a higher percentage of CBD through edible products such as gummies, brownies, and the like.
If you are considering tinctures, you need to be aware of the advantages that they offer over edible products.
CBD TincturesBetter Absorption
Arguably the biggest advantage is the absorption rates of the tincture method over consuming edibles. Because the digestive system destroys much of the CBD before it can be absorbed, this results in less of the product being introduced into the blood stream.
The CBD tincture on the other hand is placed under the tongue and absorbed directly resulting in roughly 20% more CBD reaching the blood stream. This means that you can quickly take the CBD and get on with your day.
Similar Effects
Unlike consuming CBD which can vary considerably from person to person, the effects of the tinctures is far more similar. The variability is considerably less with tinctures compared to capsules or other forms of CBD consumption. This means that you can better trust the results based on what people tell you from taking tinctures compared to eating CBD products.
Less Expensive
If you are looking to save money, the amount of CBD needed for a tincture can be delivered at a considerably lower cost compared to the purchase of CBD edibles. Because you are placing a drop of CBD oil under the tongue which has the same effect as eating a gummy, cookie, or other CBD food product, you can save a considerable amount.
If you have been consuming CBD edibles and are looking to save money while getting better results, then the CBD tincture method is for you. By bypassing the digestive system and being absorbed directly into the bloodstream, the CBD tincture is safe, fast, and effective. This means that you feel the results of CBD faster and pay a fraction of the cost per use.

Do CBD Edibles Show Up on a Drug Test?

cbd edibles

So, with all the debates revolving around the topic of whether or not CBD products are legal, it is only reasonable to ask yourself if CBD edibles show up on a drug test. Scientists say that cannabidiol doesn’t appear on a drug test, but it all depends on the exact quantity of CBD an edible has. Of course, if you have legal issues at your workplace due to a drug test, you can always seek the advice of a wrongful termination attorney. Considering the current law, there are situations in which CBD edibles are deemed legal.

CBD edibles and drug tests

The core idea here is that CBD edibles do not come with high amounts of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is an active ingredient of marijuana, that can show up on a drug test. Still, the amount of THC in the CBD edibles must be rather high, and in most cases, it is determined by the product’s quality. Overall, you might get a positive drug test after consuming specific CBD edibles, meaning you might face some work-related problems for which you might need the advice of a wrongful termination attorney.

CBD edibles and distinct types of CBD

First of all, you should know that the cannabis plant offers distinct strains and varieties, which in turn lead to cbd ediblesdifferent levels of THC in products. The most common compounds are Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids. Marijuana plants come with various THC concentrations, this compound being responsible for the high state of mind linked to smoking or vaping such products. Still, CBD edibles are required by law to be produced from sources that feature less than 0.3 percent THC content. But you should always take into account the fact that the manufacturer and his refinement techniques have a significant role in the THC trace one can find in a CBD edible. Wrongful termination attorneys advise that it is always best to consume such products from reliable distributors, as there will be fewer chances of ingesting CBD products that might make your drug test positive.

THC, drug tests and workplace

Accordingly to wrongful termination attorneys, the primary misunderstanding source between an employer and an employee comes from a positive drug test. The employee might affirm that he or she didn’t consume any drugs. But the employer will rely solely on the test results. Still, the federal workplace drug testing has clear values for a positive test and strives to avoid misunderstanding trace amounts of THC as a positive drug test. The most common workplace drug test for cannabis is urine testing. The concentration of THC must exceed 50 nanograms per milliliter to lead to a positive test. As such, if an employer only consumes the legally allowed amount of CBD edibles, the possibility of receiving a positive drug test is extremely low. Other less frequent cannabis testing approaches include blood panels, saliva, and hair. Still, these are not commonly used in workplace environments.

CBD Edibles Causing ER Visits In Colorado

colorado edibles

A study that was done in 2016 in one Colorado hospital showed an extremely high number of ER room visits were do the consumption of Cannabis edibles with about 10% of all ER visits being linked to these Colorado edibles. There are a number of reasons for this jump in ER room visits since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado including:

  • Before legalization was passed most people suffering from cannabis over intoxication were unlikely to go the ER to seek help because they were consuming an illegal drug. Since Marijuana’s legalization more people feel it safe to seek help when they are experiencing over intoxication symptoms.
  • Because the user did not feel the full effects of the cannabis immediately they tended to consume more of the protect than they should. This was especially true of tourists to the area who were trying these edibles for the first time.

It should be noted that most of the cases the ER saw were easily treated with fluids and the patient was often released within an hour. In addition, this rise in ER visits were not totally surprising as experts expected that the legalization of recreational marijuana would lead to more people trying it and these new users might have a tendency to not know their limits.

It should also be noted that the study did not differentiate between people who consumed edibles laced with THC and those cannabis edibles infused with CBD, which contains little or no THC. Further studies may show that CBD edibles infused are far safer than those edibles containing THC.CBD edibles

Did Changes in the Law Reduce ER Visits in Colorado

In 2017 the legislature in Colorado passed new regulations regarding Colorado edibles including CBD edibles and there have been no further hospital studies conducted since 2017 to indicate whether this legislation has reduced the number of Colorado edible ER visits.

A new study needs to be conducted to order to see if these new regulations are working. In addition dispensaries that handle CBD edibles are working hard to education their customers on the safe use of edibles and this may also lead to a reduction of Colorado edible ER visits.

However in the end the responsibility to safely use any edible lays in the hands of individual adult consumers who need to become informed of the potency of the edibles they eat or drink, how long before they feel the effects and how to store these edibles away from children who may mistake these edibles for traditional treats.CBD edibles

With the new legislation regarding edibles combined with better adult education there should soon be a drop in ER room visits, if such a drop has not all ready occurred.

However, just like with the consumption of alcohol there will always be those individuals that will lack the motivation to use edibles in a responsible fashion, however the vast majority of CBD edible users use these edibles for medicinal purposes and therefore are far more likely to use edible responsibly than those who are using them for recreation purposes.

How CBD Products Can Help The Environment

If you are choosing CBD, you are not just improving your health but also supporting the environment. Hemp shares a beneficial relationship that helps you improve and revitalize the soil, which helps produce a sustainable cash crop.

Industrial hemp

Industrial hemp comes from a family of cannabis, which has less than 0.3% of THC, which is not enough to get you high. Also, it serves a very important role in the industry as people are using this to induce pain to relieve instead of marijuana, which is a safer alternative. As people views are changing regarding hemp due to its various health and environmental benefits, it leads to a boom in hemp industry where companies looked and turned it into profit which enables people to lead a better life.

Environmental benefits of hemp

The root

The hemp has a tap root structure, which means that it is well-rooted into the ground, which helps prevents erosion. Also, it fixes the ground by not allowing water and winds to take away the soil and the roots make it much more difficult for the ground to drought. These hemp plants help by preserving the land through dry and rough conditions. Also, the taproot system allows to bring up the nutrients back to the topmost layer which is vital to maintain the land and if hemp is planted in rotation with other plants it keeps the soil rich and healthy.


Hemp fibres can be composted and can be mixed into natural fertilizers, which means each and every part of the plant can be used in the production of the other crops. This helps lower the demand on landfills by bringing back the natural nutrient and strength of the soil.


Carbon causes a huge amount of environmental change, but hemp biomass is made of 40% of carbon, which is huge but other hemp plants trap the carbon and keep it trapped which does not damage the environment. Generally, hemp is harvested for fibre products, which is durable and can keep the carbon out of the environment for a much longer duration of time.

Fast Growing

Compared to any other fibre crops hemp is fast growing and provides a great yield per acre basis. This means that cutting timber to make land to harvest hemp is not needed but with growing hemp we see that it can make sustainable paper and textile.

Ending the reliance on fossil fuel

Hemp can be used as a biofuel and also can be burned to produce electrical generators and power vehicles. Although the research is at its early stage, we can expect to see how hemp can be used to help replace messier fossil fuels.

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